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Наблюдение за китами в Skjervoy

  • 4 дня
  • Легкий
  • Весь день
  • 6+
  • Индивидуально
  • Тромсе
  • Описание
  • Программа
  • Место вcтречи
  • Private program

    If there is one thing you really should do now, it’s going on a whale watching safari off the coast of Skjervøy! Seeing these majestic animals chasing herring is a truly unforgettable experience.

    The beautiful Skjervøy archipelago in the Lyngenfjord region has become an extremely popular destination for whale watching safaris. People from all around the world are travelling here to get a close-up look at the beautiful whales.

    Season is when the herring moves

    In mid of October the herring migrates from the coast off Tromsø northwards towards the Lyngenfjord. The whales are not far behind them in search of a feast and, in recent times, there has been phenomenal activity in the sea off Skjervøy starting from the end of October and beginning of November until February.

    Accommodation at Lyngen Experience Lodge

    Located 85 km from Tromsø city, reachable by car, boat or helicopter, Lyngen Experience Lodge is perfectly located for itself in stunning surroundings. Facing the sea and with untouched mountains as a backdrop, it provides the ideal way to experience the Norwegian wilderness and Arctic environment.

    The Lodge consists of 7 double and 2 quadruple rooms, a total of 22 beds, all with their own bathroom. In the Lounge you will have a wonderful view of the Ulsfjord with both boating and wildlife right outside the window. A warm sauna and an outdoor hot tub can be enjoyed in our Spa section. And if you are really tough, you can swim in the ocean right down the shore. 

    In the restaurant you can try home made seasonal local food and full licensed bar is ready to serve you delightful drinks.

    The Lodge is also the start point for a big number of adventures. Combined with stunning views, they will grant visitors memories that will last a lifetime.

    Interested? But not ready to book and need more information?
    Send us a request using following form on our website

    Что включено

    • Private transportation by Mercedes-Benz V-class from Tromso airport to Lyngen Experience Lodge and back, English speaking driver
    • Accommodation at Lyngen Experience Lodge, 3 nights, Standard room for 2 persons, including breakfasts
    • Meals: 2 lunches and 3 dinners at the Lodge restaurant
    • Private whale watching safari 5 hours onboard Targa 46 boat, English speaking captain

    Не включено

    • Private rent of relax zone (sauna and outdoor hot tub)
    • Private dinner at a forest laavu with a local saami people singing, storytelling, singing 
    • Optional activities during daytime and evening (see Itinerary, book in advance)
    • Drinks and snacks from the bar

    Важные замечания

    The whales you can see

    Two whale species in particular have been observed off the coast of Skjervøy: humpback whales and orcas (killer whales).

    Orcas have strong family bonds and their groups often remain together for several generations. The orca has a black body with a large white patch above and behind the eye. They are the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family and their diet consists of fish (such as herring), seals, sharks and dolphins.
    Male orcas can be up to 2 metres high. The average lifespan of female orcas is 50 years, but they can be up to 90 years old.

    Humpback whales can live alone or in small groups. The humpback whale is stocky and strong, has black dorsal coloring and (as the name suggests) an obvious hump on its back. It catches herring by opening and filling its mouth. It can catch an entire school with a single mouthful! The humpback whale is very acrobatic and is known for its spectacular jumps above the surface! The humpback whale also produces a unique and complex song.
    Did you know that female humpback whales are the largest? They can grow up to 19 m long and weigh 40 tonnes! The typical size is 12-14 metres and 25-30 tonnes! That’s huge!

    Why we offer staying overnight at Lyngen Experience Lodge, not in Tromso

    Whales safari departure time is normally 9 am, no matter you go from Tromso center or Lenangen more to the north. All boats go approximately to the same area around Skjervøy. It takes about 2-3 hours to get to Skjervøy from Tromso center depending on weather and wind. But it is 3 times less when you go from Lenangen, 10 minutes drive from Lyngen Experience Lodge! Who comes first, see the whales first without other boats on your photos! Whales are very curious and if you are the first, they come closer and are not yet disturbed by other boats.


    We recommend booking optional meals and activities along with the tour, especially if you want them in a private way.

    Политика отмены

    • Tromso airport

      NO,Tromso,Tromso Norway

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    • Arrival Tromso

      Arrival at Tromso airport.
      Meet and greet by English speaking driver. Transfer to Lyngen Experience Lodge, 88 km (2h) by private Mercedes-Benz V-class.

      Accommodation in the Lodge - small private boutique hotel with Scandinavian modern design.
      Dinner at the restaurant.

      NOLenangsveien 1656, 9068 Nord-lenangen

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      Breakfast at the Lodge restaurant.

      09:00 Drive to Lenangen port 5 km and departure to Whalesafari onboard 12-sets Targa 46 boat (1200 hp, 28-42 knopp, fly-bridge, cabin).
      Going with the private departure you are more flexible in whale searching. Comparing to group departure where only 1-2 stops, in a private way the captain will do his best to check more possible spots where whales were seen last time by local fishermen. In a private safari everything is tailored for your - boat speed, duration, amount of stops, possibilities to check the best photo points and beautiful fjord.

      09:00 - 14:00 Whalesafari in Skjervoy area. Possibility to see humpback whales and killer whales (orcas).
      Our captain has 30 years of experience in the Northern Seas and, added to his good contact with local fishermen, we will drive to where the whales have last been observed. This type of ship allows us to cruise at high speed and cover long distances in short time. When we reach these beautiful giants, we will get close to them and its perfect for good pictures. On the search, we will sail through magnificent scenery. If we were so unlucky not to see whales, the trip itself will be a unique experience.

      15:00 Lunch at the Lodge restaurant.

      Afternoon: relaxing evening and dinner at the Lodge restaurant.

      Optionally (extra cost): Relax zone private rent for 1,5h. Warm sauna and an outdoor hot tub at your own disposal. Booking in advance.

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      Activity day

      Breakfast at the Lodge restaurant. 

      Day to spend on beautiful northern Norwegian nature. You may walk in the area by your own or book our optional programs (extra cost). Booking in advance.

      Lunch and dinner at the Lodge restaurant.

      Options during day time:

      • Sami culture and reindeer experience - visit the reindeer farm and feed the reindeer
      • Snowshoeing experience
      • Tender a local shrimp boat and experience how the Lyngen shrimps are catched
      • Dog sledding experience
      • Snowmobile experience
      • Visit Aurora Spirit and have a private tour in the whiskey distillery - the northernmost whiskey Bivrost under the Northern Lights

      Options during evening:

      • Chase the Northern Lights with a professional photographer Kjetil Skogli. Best known as “The Aurora Chaser” and for finding the lights for Joanna Lumley in her famous BBC documentary “In the Land of the Northern Lights”, Kjetil is one of the true pioneers in Northern Lights guiding. His tours are known to be relentless, relaxing and comfortable, not to mention educational.
      • Private rental of relax zone (sauna and open hot tub)
      • Private dinner at a forest laavu with a local saami people singing, storytelling, singing

      NOLenangsveien 1656, 9068 Nord-lenangen

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      Departure Tromso

      Breakfast at the Lodge restaurant.

      Drive to Tromso airport by Mercedes-Benz V-class.
      Your departure flight from Tromso airport.

      NOTromso Norway, Tromso

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