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Snowmobile safari “Adrenalin”, Levi

  • 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Умеренный
  • Daytime
  • 18+
  • Levi
  • Описание
  • Место вcтречи
  • Места подбора
  • Total trip distance is about 60 km. The purpose is to circumnavigate Levi Fell and see all its best sides. Then when we proceed over the summit, we get to see some amazing scenery. At the top of Levi mountain, we can stop to take some photos. This is the true fascination of Lapland. And we get more of it, when we stop by an old wooden house to enjoy some traditional Lappish ‘black pot’ coffee by the open fire. At a supplement, you can have a lunch of salmon- or reindeer soup with bread/butter. The trek home is downhill all the way, relaxing and simply flashes by.

    The tour will start at a local safari house in Levi, where you will change into gear, guaranteed to keep you warm and dry during the safari, including overall, boots, helmet and gloves. Once equipped, a guide will give you brief instructions, and off you go! 

    The average speed during our tours is limited due to safety and traffic regulations.

    Additional options on the tour:

    • Soup lunch in a warm café along the route

    Что включено

    • Transfer
    • Guided safari
    • Warm clothing, boots, helmet, gloves/mittens, socks, scarfs
    • Hot drink

    Standard price is given for one person on a single snowmobile. Driving with 2 persons on a snowmobile is not available in this program.

    Insurance covers accidents with a maximum driver excess of 800 €. You can buy a waiver for 20 € to lower the excess to 300 €. Waiver is available to buy only on the spot.

    Не включено

    • Soup lunch

    Важные замечания

    For this program solo driving is included in the price. The program is for adults only. No double snowmobiles and no sledges will be used.

    According to Finnish law, to drive a snowmobile one should be at least 15 years old and have a valid driver’s license of category B, T, A1 or A (i.e. car or motorbike). Alcohol tolerance is zero, drivers will have to pass an alcohol test before the safari.

    Maximum speed limit is 60 km/h and 80 km/h on the lakes. Driving is only allowed on marked trails.


    • Please take your driving license with you on the snowmobile safari as the police may check the validity of the license during the safari.
    • We recommend wearing thermo body-wear + multilayer clothing and woolen socks. You will get warm outer clothing and boots before the safari.
    • For those people who consider self-rental: out there you’ll be surrounded by almost total whiteness, so it’s quite easy to lose one’s way for the first time, that’s why to guarantee the quality time, we highly recommend for the first time to go on an organized safari with an experienced local guide.

    Политика отмены

    • Мы взимаем плату за отмену в размере 100% если бронирование отменено 2 дней или меньше до мероприятия
    • Мы взимаем плату за отмену в размере 50% если бронирование отменено 7 дней или меньше до мероприятия
    • Мы взимаем плату за отмену в размере 10% если бронирование отменено 90 дней или меньше до мероприятия
  • Zero Point, outside at the revolving door

    FI,Levi,Hissitie 8

    загрузка карты...
  • Zero Point outside at the revolving door

    FI, Hissitie 8, 99130 Levi

    загрузка карты...


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